Dispersions, Resins and Additives

Wetting agents and surface modifiers

HYDROPALAT® and EFKA® slip agents, flow and leveling agents, and wetting agents for water-based, solvent-based, and solvent-free formulations

With wetting agents and surface modifiers for water-based and non-aqueous coatings, we can provide solutions for almost any paint, coating and ink system. Our broad technology portfolio includes polymeric, oligomeric and surfactant-based products such as slip agents with very good recoatability and wetting properties or polymeric flow and leveling agents that offer excellent appearance. Formulators value wetting agents and surface modifiers from BASF for high efficiency, allowing dosage reduction and universal suitability.

Excellent flow and reduced surface tension

One of the strengths of our product range is a class of very versatile interfacially active additives, fluorinated polyacrylates. These flow and leveling agents offer significant advantages over pure polyacrylates. While straight polyacrylic copolymers feature good flow performance, although they do not sufficiently reduce the surface tension of a formulation to solve problems like cratering or poor substrate wetting. In contrast, polyacrylates with fluorinated side chains can lower surface tension for excellent flow and leveling combined with anti-cratering and good wetting behavior.

Fluorocarbon-modified polyacrylates also outperform organomodified silicones in terms of flow, substrate wetting and fisheye resistance. On the other hand, polysiloxanes can provide strong surfaceslip and anti-blocking effects as well as surface tension reduction.

The experts at BASF are glad to support you in finding the right wetting agents and surface modifiers for your formulations.


Key features and benefits

  • Outstanding efficiency, allowing lower dosage
  • Improved appearance
  • Versatility in water-based and solvent-based systems
  • Reliable anti-cratering and fisheye prevention