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reciChain - Physical Movement

Re-Mapped Circular Value Chain

Re-Mapped Circular Value Chain

Moving away from the conventional linear value chain, the reciChain team re-mapped the value chain to enable circularity. The identification of upstream and downstream stakeholders, created the basis for identifying consortium members at each step along the plastics value chain.

Why we chose B.C - 01. Strong regulatory oversight through established EPR programs, 02. Diverse retail and consumer product market place, 03. desire to adopt innovate technologies to solve major environmental and sustainability issues

Why we chose B.C.

The reciChain team selected the B.C. ecosystem for three key reasons that we felt would help enable a successful pilot and deliver a solution that can be scaled to a national and globe level.

2 types of packaging types. 01. Flexible stand-up pouch. 02. Rigid plastic container

Packaging Types

Stakeholders were engaged along each step of the value chain to create complete physical product loops. Two unique products were identified by stakeholders to embed the marker in a flexible stand-up pouch, and the rigid plastic container.