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reciChain - Physical to Digital Twin

The physical marker was successfully embedded in both packaging products, and verifiable readings were complete at each stakeholder location. These readings give the unique ability to track and trace plastic packaging through all stages of the value chain, including mechanical sorting and extrusion. The marker itself is:

Digital Twin 1.png

A chemical-based hidden marker system

Providing a permanent mark of any object either solid, liquid or gas

Compatible with marking multiple layers

Contains a combination of tens of thousands of molecules to ensure each mark is unique

Digital Twin 2.png

Enabled by a unique reader to identify these codes

The patented sensitive reader receives response signal from marker

The patented algorithm returns information on product retrieved from blockchain

Digital Twin 3.png

Creates a blockchain record to store and verify data 

The integration into the blockchain records datasets through the value chain

Creates a verifiable transfer-of-ownership between stakeholder groups

Ensures proof of authenticity and quality assurance

Provides visibility of supply chain movements