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We assume responsibility for our products

Join us in product safety, toxicology, ecology, chemicals legislation, and trade controls.


The responsible handling of our products together with the prevention of their misuse or illegal use is our social responsibility and corporate obligation.

Therefore our focus at BASF is on the safety of our products – from research through manufacturing to their use by our customers. We are working continuously to ensure that when used responsibly and appropriately our products do not present any risks for people and the environment. Compliance to our high standards is ensured worldwide by regular audits that, together with numerous voluntary initiatives, far exceed the statutory requirements.

It is our mission to be the "best team in industry". Therefore you will find out that we can offer attractive career opportunities and these also include close exchanges within the ‘Specialist Communities’ inside and outside of BASF.

We pick you up from where you currently are and offer an intensive induction by experienced employees who will help you integrate into the team, stand by you, and provide advice and support. Your training is "on the job".

Apply to one of our job postings or send us your unsolicited application.

We are looking for personalities who think in solutions rather than in problems, who are committed and have a very high sense of responsibility.

In addition to a university degree in a subject such as chemistry, toxicology, environmental protection or even law with a relevant focus, you should also follow a working pattern that is careful and analytical.

As a business partner you will contribute your persuasive attitude and your expertise in a profitable manner – both in contact with internal and external partners and with authorities.

As part of an international network of experts, these are some of the fields of application that await you:

  • Product safety:
    We create reports and material and risk assessments and classify materials according to the "UN-Globally Harmonized System".
  • Chemicals law and chemicals management:
    BASF pools its specialist expertise of chemicals policy and chemical legislation and designs business processes accordingly so that compliance with laws is guaranteed.
  • Global trade controls:
    Through global trade controls and their integration into BASF's business processes, we ensure the reliable compliance of external and internal trade control regulations.
  • Customs tariffs:
    With the classification of our products and raw materials in customs tariffs, we ensure smooth customs processing processes.

The tasks are as diverse as they are responsible and include:

  • Analyses and assessments of health, environmental, safety and sustainability questions
  • Ecological and toxicological consultancy to the corporate divisions
  • Data administration and research into the ecology and toxicology of BASF substances
  • Design and initiation of studies
  • Processing of chemical law and chemical policy questions
  • Analysis and assessment of trade control regulations
  • Design of the BASF Compliance Processes and their integration into logistics processes
  • Customs tariffs and management of customs suspensions
  • Coordination of worldwide new substance registrations

You will enjoy all the subject-specific and cross-functional development opportunities within a large corporation and you can consolidate your expertise through special programs and continuing education.

We will support your specialist and personal development through demanding projects, individual encouragement and varied career opportunities in the entire BASF Group.