Identification and Management of Sustainability Issues

Materiality analysis

We have defined sustainability focus areas in our corporate strategy to position ourselves in the market and at the same time, meet the growing challenges along the value chain:

  • We source responsibly.
  • We produce safely for people and the environment.
  • We produce efficiently.
  • We value people and treat them with respect.
  • We drive sustainable solutions.

Relevant topics resulting from these commitments – such as energy and climate protection, portfolio management, supply chain responsibility, employee engagement, resource efficiency, responsible production and water – form the focal points of our reporting. We integrate these topics into our long-term steering processes to increase societal acceptance and take advantage of business opportunities. Here, we consider three dimensions of materiality: The relevance of sustainability topics to our business, the impacts of our business activities along the value chain on sustainability topics, and how important these topics are to our stakeholders.

We identify relevant topics and trends as well as potential opportunities and risks along our value chain through dialog with stakeholders, supported by continuous, worldwide big data analysis. In 2018, we also co-published a study identifying long-term sustainability trends between now and 2030, based on an analysis of more than 900 studies from academia, think tanks and market analyses.

Dr. Tim Balensiefer
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Last Update February 26, 2019