BASF’s fire department

Around 180 full-time fire fighters trained in dealing with dangerous situations at chemical facilities work together on hazard prevention and damage limitation at the Ludwigshafen site.


This involves prioritising the active prevention of dangers such as fire fighting and technical relief action. This is also reflected in their modern equipment configured to the requirements of the site: 46 fire engines, large amounts of special extinguishing agents and ample water supply form part of a hazard prevention concept which is reviewed and updated in around 100 alarm exercises annually, together with the BASF companies.

Focus on hazard prevention

There is also a focus on hazard prevention: Specialists from the fire department implement measures and findings of preventative fire protection in regular plant inspections. This also includes maintenance and emergency services in the BASF companies. Modern plant and safety technology, automatic monitoring of the chemical processes and reliable warning systems also contribute to the safe operation of the BASF facilities at the site.


The staff of the BASF fire department at the Ludwigshafen site are well-trained specialists providing rapid and expert help inside and outside the works.