Dispersions, Resins and Additives

UV absorbers

TINUVIN® and CHIMASSORB® UV absorbers (UVA) for water-based, solvent based, and solvent-free formaulations 

Organic coatings and inks with aesthetical, protective, and other functional properties  are exposed to a variety of environmental and artificial factors such as solar radiation,  humidity, temperature change, microbiological attack, air pollutants, and many more. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of UVAs that on their own are insufficient for protecting the surface of a coating.

UVAs alone are sufficient in preventing both the colorant fading of coatings and inks as well as the yellowing of resins. By filtering out harmful UV radiation they provide protection against the degradation of both coatings and substrates. TINUVIN, Uvinul®, and Chimassorb UVAs prevent the degradation of coatings, adhesives, and substrates. 


Key features and benefits

  • Long-term durability 
  • Lower DFT (Dry film thickness) 
  • Excellent long-term color retention 
  • Easy stir-in processing 
  • Solutions for aqueous and solvent-based formulations 
  • Sustainable products 
  • Qualification for low-VOC or VOC-free labeling