Safety film and test

In order to be able to work safely at the Verbund site in Ludwigshafen, you must complete the central safety briefing before entering the factory premises. This consists of a film and the safety test based on it.


The safety film contains the most important safety rules and framework conditions of BASF SE, which you must observe and comply with. To ensure that you have understood all the rules from the film, we check this in our security test, which you must successfully complete in the reception points (north building J 660 and south building Z 22) before the ID card is issued. You can also prepare for the security test with the questionnaire below.

Without passing the test, there is no access to the factory premises. The central instruction is valid for one year and must be completed again after one year. You can find further important information about issuing ID cards here: ID cards and authorizations.

You can watch the safety film on your computer or smartphone outside the location via YouTube (see links below). So that you do not waste time unnecessarily during the security check at the ID card office, we recommend that you watch the security film online in advance. When taking the safety test on site, it must be confirmed that the safety film has been viewed personally and in full.


After you have watched the central security film, you can complete the security test at the ID office before you receive your permanent ID. The test questionnaire (see download link below) with a selection of questions offers the opportunity to test yourself in advance. A separate solution sheet helps with the evaluation.

In the on-site test at the ID office, you must answer at least 6 out of 8 questions correctly to gain access to the factory premises.

Please use the following link to book an appointment at the ID office to avoid long waiting times: Book an appointment.

Note: If you fail, you can repeat it on the same day, and then again on the following day. Only one answer is correct for each question.

In the security test we distinguish between

     'BT office activities and activities without obligation to report'

     'HW craftsmen and activities with reporting requirements'

     'AF Supervisors'

The BT and HW security tests can be completed in 16 other languages in addition to German. Contractor representatives, supervisors and authorized contractors must complete the 'AF supervisor' safety test in German. Truck drivers (DRIVE) take the test 'HW craftsmen and activities with reporting requirements'.

To make it easier to prepare for the BASF security test, the PDF versions in 17 languages contain the questions from all three categories of the security test (BT, HW and AF).

The safety test for practice is available under the following link: