West Bengal ecovio® plus project

India has passed legislation promoting compostable packaging and bags. Additionally, the Central Government wants to reduce food waste disposal to landfill. However, for these policies to become implemented in practice, stakeholders in India require practical evidence of the ecological, social, and economic benefits of certified compostable plastics for both packaging and organic waste collection.

The West Bengal ecovio® Plus Project is designed to establish and showcase these benefits and to help reinforce the relevant Indian policies.

Located in West Bengal, India’s fourth most populous state, with circa 90 million plus population, the project focuses on separated, organic food waste collections, utilising ecovio® based waste bags. In the cities of Kolkata and Kalyani BASF’s ecovio® biodegradable mulch film will also be introduced as an alternative to non-recyclable polyethylene mulch film and the efficacy of the combined solution will be demonstrated. This collected waste will be composted and converted thereby into a valuable soil amendment.

The core activities of this project connect community engagement in rural agricultural  ommunities with organics recycling, sustainable agriculture, the support of Women’s Self Help Groups in the community and the benefit of improved urban amenity for the community at large.

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Sustainable Development Goals:

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11-Sustainable cities and communities
12-Responsible consumption and production
17-Partnerships for the goals