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Use of scientific findings for our practical work

New findings in occupational health are generated from data collected from our daily routine work and targeted preventive health activities and campaigns. Using a systematic and structured approach, we have created optimal conditions for the scientific evaluation of occupational health data. Our studies are published in national and international scientific journals. We use analytical methods from the field of epidemiology. Furthermore, data analysis serves as an effective quality control of our work.

Occupational epidemiology is study of the occurrence, prevalence and causes of work-related diseases. For many decades, we have been contributing to this field by conducting targeted scientific investigations and gaining new insights.

We report on findings from data originating from our daily practical work and on general health promotion topics. Furthermore, we conduct targeted scientific studies on specific issues related to product safety and health protection.

All data that we use for our analyses originating from individual medical files is subject to medical confidentiality and is archived by Corporate Health Management. Selected data is evaluated for the purpose of compliance with compulsory reporting requirements (under the Occupational Safety Act (ASiG) and §5 DGUV V2) or exclusively for scientific purposes. The results of these evaluations are presented solely in aggregated and anonymized form.

Our publications are mostly found in international journals with constant and independent quality control (peer review). A compilation of all publications from 1992 to 2019 can be downloaded as PDF.