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Strengthening structures


Great buildings and structures are testaments to the ability of man. Unfortunately, the materials with which they are built are often no match against decades of being exposed to the elements. Maintenance is costly and leads to a lot of inconvenient downtime, making them more of a burden than a benefit. Our advanced construction solutions help to repair and strengthen the existing structures around us, so that they become more resilient, serving us well into the future.

When buildings become stronger with time, it’s because at BASF, we create chemistry.

Bridges aren’t just physical connectors. They also connect communities and cultures, enabling the people who use them to do the things that they want to do. This is no more evident than in Tampa, USA, where the Sunshine Skyway Bridge plays so many different roles in people’s lives. This is what we had in mind when we used our concrete solutions to help fortify the bridge against the elements trouble-free service for the people who rely on it most. To see what a stronger, more reliable Sunshine Skyway Bridge means to them, watch our film.

One of the best ways to see our innovations at work is in the bridges that we have helped to reinforce. These are just a few of the collaborations that we have been involved in, benefitting communities around the world for decades to come.  

Siena Cathedral is absolutely breathtaking. From the floor to the ceiling, the craftsmanship and intricate detail have helped to establish it as one of Italy’s most beautiful sites. But parts of this marvelous site were closed to the public, as they were in dire need of restoration. So, over the course of three years, we contributed to their restoration by providing the materials that were used to reconstruct the entire bed of the roof and transepts. With a number of rooms and walkways at the top of the structure now open to the public, visitors can experience what has been dubbed the ‘heavens’ of the cathedral for the first time in the cathedral’s long history.

The construction industry currently accounts for about half of the world’s consumption of energy and resources. It’s a substantial amount - but it can be reduced, if you just add the right chemistry. We’ve developed a number of solutions that make construction more mindful of the environment and buildings that are more durable and efficient throughout their life cycle. The result is that new developments are less taxing on our finite resources in the short- and long-term.

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With 9 billion people living on the planet in 2050, David Ritter at Landsea, talks about how important innovation is to improve sustainability performance.