BASF Schwarzheide GmbH

Our production site sets standards – in everything from training to the environment


The BASF Schwarzheide production site is one of the largest BASF Group sites in Europe. It produces a wide range of functional materials and solutions. Its portfolio includes polyurethane, engineering plastics, foams, crop protection agents, performance chemicals and coatings.

As a reliable partner, BASF Schwarzheide GmbH helps its customers to achieve success with intelligent system solutions and high-quality products. BASF's expertise and experience helps companies which wish to benefit from the many synergy effects of an advanced chemicals production site. A dozen companies, which have established their operations on site, already make use of these synergies.

BASF Schwarzheide GmbH also promotes the region on a permanent basis and adopts a social responsible approach to business. Pivotal in the economic structure, the company fosters favorable development in the surrounding area.

There are very diverse career start options and opportunities for professional development awaiting you at the Schwarzheide site. Those with professional experience can look forward to challenging projects and tasks while career starters get the opportunity to take on project responsibility from the very first day. All company divisions offer students internships or the opportunity to complete their thesis in-house. Pupils interested in science and technology can apply for an apprenticeship. Qualifications and further development take a central role with us in every respect.

We offer for graduates more than 50 apprentice positions annually.

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Integrated degree program:
The bachelor degree course combines the academic education with practical usage at company. Studies and practice rotate by periodically.

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Start in den Beruf:
This program is made for adolescents, which have not yet found an apprentice position yet. We make them fit for work and also strengthen their autonomy and independence.

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Scholar internship:

During an internship students of the ninth to twelfth grad receive an insight of the everyday life of a modern chemical company. This is possible in the divisions of chemistry, engineering or administration.

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Our employees make a lasting contribution to the company's success, no matter what position they hold or which business unit they work in. They meet challenges together as a team. This is one of the five approaches used to achieve the location's vision and set benchmarks.

In doing so, we rely on people with ideas, innovative capacity and individuality. That is why qualifications and further development take a central role in our company.

For Professionals

We are looking for smart people who share ideas und show commitment as well as pragmatists who are open for lateral thinking. Experienced professionals take care of exciting tasks and challenging projects.

Wether with you are a specilalists with a university background or a completed apprenticeship – your knowledge as an expert is wanted every day. That’s why we invest in your personal and professional development.

As a global company BASF provides many opportunities. While working in projects you exchange experiences with colleagues from other BASF sites.

For young professionals

At BASF in Schwarzheide we have diverse entry opportunitys. Being a part of a global company for university graduates all doors are open.

From the first day on job starters get responsibilities for certain tasks and projects. Your further development is very important for us.

For students

You want a future with many chances and possibilities? Then come to BASF!

There is a variety of opportunities for students at the site of Schwarzheide to apply and expand the acquired knowledge – whether in scope of a diploma, bachelor or master thesis or already during an internship. Thereunto are all areas of our company opened to.

We are constantly looking for future Process Engineers, Automation and Mechanical Engineers and students of Industrial.

Whereby obtain cars their color? Where does the foam of mattresses hail from? And whereby get sports shoes the best grip? Chemistry makes it possible.

Every year we look for young people, who are interested in science and technology, who are curious and who participate actively. For graduates and pupils we offer lots of opportunities.

Apprenticeship at BASF Schwarzheide
Scholar internship at BASF