Employee Representatives

As the world's leading chemical company, we want to be successful in the long term wherever we operate. Therefore stable industrial relations based on shared values are a fundamental prerequisite. We work actively to achieve our goal - with partners, in organizations and associations.

Constructive cooperation with employee representatives

BASF's constructive relationship with the employee representatives is the product of sound cooperation. And this cooperation is founded on mutual respect and an open dialog. This applies not only at the corporate level with its company partnership but also at the national level where it has led to effective and trusting cooperation which we are highly committed to continuing.

To further enhance cooperation at the European level, a European works council - "BASF Euro Dialog" - was established in 1995. Following the transformation of BASF Aktiengesellschaft into BASF SE in January 2008, a "BASF Europa Betriebsrat" was established in April the same year, representing the rights of employees in Europe to information, consultation and counseling in cross-border issues, thereby creating the basis for a dialog on social and economic issues.

BASF Europa Betriebsrat

Sinischa Horvat was confirmed as Chairman of the “BASF Europa Betriebsrat” on 21 March 2023 at its constituent meeting for the fourth term of office. He is also Chairman of the works council of BASF SE as well as the “Konzernbetriebsrat”. Angel Sanchez Villa, BASF Espanola S.L., Tarragona, Spain, was also re-elected as Deputy Chairman. Silke Burger, works council member of BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, was elected as the third member of the managing committee.

Platforms for cooperation between BASF and employee representatives have also proved successful in other regions such as Asia and South America. For example, regional network meetings offering opportunities for mutual exchange have been held in a regular rhythm since 2004.

This regionalized approach maximizes the benefits of this exchange and cooperation. With this paradigm, the various actual and legal circumstances and challenges can be addressed in the different regions of the world.

BASF is aware of its responsibility towards its employees and is convinced that it will also be able to continue reconciling the interests of the company and its employees in future in a climate of constructive cooperation.