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The best environment for our talents

We want to offer the best solutions for our customers – innovative, efficient and sustainable. With our new strategy, we are creating more freedom of choice, open exchange and an organization geared towards the needs of our customers, that can adapt quickly and flexibly to changing market requirements. Creativity, collaboration and performance are highly important to us. We promote a culture in which different approaches and working methods can develop optimally.


Our differences make us successful

Our employees are the key to our success. Strengthening motivation and recognizing performance – This is our ambition at BASF.

We need a variety of people, backgrounds and perspectives. “Open” is one of our corporate values. At BASF, we promote an environment of openness and appreciative interaction with each other in which everyone can make the best possible contribution. We welcome all talents, regardless of gender, cultural, religious or ethnic background, sexual orientation or identity and physical ability.

How we promote diversity internally

The promotion of diversity across all hierarchical levels has been established at BASF for many years. It is an integral part of the corporate strategy and is anchored in the values of the BASF Group. BASF focuses on a working environment based on mutual respect, trust and appreciation. Derived from this, our global competency model and the global code of conduct provide a framework for action for our employees and managers. It states that the promotion of diversity is a behavior that we expect from all employees and managers.

BASF has had a Diversity + Inclusion Team since 2008. Experts in Ludwigshafen and in all regions work to ensure that the inclusion of diversity is part of the strategic human resources management and the HR value chain throughout the company.

  • One focus is on promoting gender balance, both in the workforce and at management levels. To achieve this balance, BASF has set global and quantifiable targets. Those are indicators of an inclusive corporate culture, which also includes the more difficult to quantify but equally important aspects of diversity such as personal competencies, vocational training or personal values and experiences.
  • Since 2015, one of these global quantitative targets has been to increase the proportion of female leaders. The initial target of 22-24% women in management positions by 2021 was already achieved in 2019 with 23%. Therefore, a new, more ambitious target was established: We want to increase the proportion of women in management positions at BASF to 30% by 2030.
  • Our leaders play an essential role in the implementation of our values. We support them by offering training for a fair, motivating and encouraging leadership style.
  • We are creating a working environment that takes into consideration each employee’s individual needs, including employees with health problems, disabilities and other needs. To ensure accessibility at work in all respects, we have implemented numerous measures. For instance, we offer coworking spaces, IT-based assistance solutions for an accessible workplace and our Disability and Handicapped Employee Service as a workplace for employees who can no longer work at their old job due to illness, disability or an accident.
  • The number of delegated couples of whom both partners have a high qualification and career aspiration is steadily increasing. BASF is aware of this development and supports these so-called dual career couples in a targeted way: Since 2018, BASF has been part of a corporate network in which multinational companies support each other in filling positions with the partners of delegates. A cross-company dual career platform was created specifically for this purpose.

In order to promote diversity and inclusion, BASF does not only rely on top-down activities. Around the world we have various employee networks that contribute to this target. These so-called ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) include, for example, groups that promote equal opportunities for women in the professional life (Women at BASF) or promote the acceptance and professional equality of LGBT workers (abbreviation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender).

Furthermore, we have established the D+I League, an exchange circle of (senior-) executives who have voluntarily agreed to advance Diversity + Inclusion in their respective divisions.

External activities

BASF is active in various national and international networks and (partner) organizations. This allows us to stay informed about current developments in the area of Diversity + Inclusion, strengthen our expertise and thematic exchange with other companies and promote the inclusion of diversity not only in our company, but also in society.

Through our membership in these initiatives and associations, we influence society: together with other member companies, we are committed to more women in management positions, for example, in the “Initiative Chefsache”. As a founding member of the ”Charta der Vielfalt”, we are committed to all dimensions of diversity in Germany and as a founding member of the foundation PrOUT@work we support the concerns of LGBTIQ people. Since 2018, BASF is one of around 150 companies to support the United Nations Global LGBTI Code of Conduct (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans and Intersex). In the OECD's "Business for Inclusive Growth" Initiative, BASF and about 40 other companies work towards a fair, sustainable and inclusive distribution of growth.

What our colleagues say about diversity