08. децембар 2020.

BASF leading in water management, forest and climate protection according to CDP

December 8, 2020

The non-profit organization CDP (formerly “Carbon Disclosure Project”) has once again rated BASF as one of the world’s leading companies for its water management and climate protection measures. BASF achieved the best rating of “A” in the “CDP Water Security” list. On the CDP’s climate list, BASF achieved the grade “A-.” For its efforts to protect the forests, BASF was rated by CDP for the first time and also received the grade “A-.” These ratings assess BASF’s environmental management and transparent reporting on it.

BASF is introducing sustainable water management at all relevant production sites. This includes the major Verbund sites and sites in water stress areas. Water stress areas are defined as regions in which more than 40 percent of available water is used by industry, households and agriculture. BASF considers the quantitative, qualitative and social aspects of water use. The company wants to determine at which of its own sites it can improve and continuously increase efficiency in the use of water resources, especially in water stress areas.

BASF SE with its main site in Ludwigshafen is the heart of the BASF Group. With around 250 productions facilities, hundreds of laboratories, technical centers, factories and offices in an area of approximately ten square kilometers, the site is the largest integrated chemical complex in the world. As the headquarters of BASF it is also the cradle of the Verbund concept, where production facilities, energy flows and logistics are linked together intelligently in order to utilize resources as efficiently as possible.
At BASF's headquarters in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany, production facilities, energy flows and logistics are linked together intelligently in order to use resources as efficiently as possible.

In order to achieve the company’s climate goal of CO2-neutral growth by 2030, BASF is continuously optimizing existing processes, increasingly using renewable energy sources and developing fundamentally new low-emission production processes. The company is bundling these activities in an ambitious Carbon Management program.

For the first time, BASF participated in the CDP’s “Forest” assessment and provided the organization with detailed insights into its palm value chain and the impact of BASF activities on ecosystems and habitats. BASF is aware of the importance of protecting forests for the well-being of the environment and society. As an actor in various value chains, BASF is committed to ending deforestation in these supply chains. One of BASF’s measures to protect the forests is its voluntary commitment to palm oil: BASF has committed to source 100 percent of its palm (kernel) oil from certified sustainable sources by 2020. Since 2016, BASF has been reporting regularly in its Palm Progress Report on progress and cooperation along the value chain to promote a sustainable supply chain of oleo derivatives.

For more information, please visit our websites on sustainable water management, carbon management and sustainability rankings and ratings. For more information on CDP’s rankings and rating methods, please click here.

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Birgit Hellmann
Global Sustainability Communications
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