21 октомври 2021 г.

BASF receives Pierre Potier Award for its EcoSun Pass®

October 21, 2021

BASF’s Care Creations® has been honored with the Pierre Potier Award for its EcoSun Pass®, a methodology especially developed for sun protection products to evaluate the environmental compatibility of UV filter systems in sunscreens. The company won second prize in the category of processes or systems that are respectful of the environment.


Created in 2006 by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry and supported by the “Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie” and “France Chimie”, the Pierre Potier Prize appreciates innovations in the area of chemistry that are particularly sustainable and promotes the development of sustainable solutions for consumers’ everyday lives. This year’s award ceremony on October 20 was dedicated to 100 years of “France Chimie”.

“We are honored to have been awarded with this important distinction. Sustainability is at the core of what we do and one of our most important drivers for innovation. This prize confirms that we are on the right track. EcoSun Pass is a wonderful example of our dedication to digital and scientific developments that help to make the future more sustainable,” said Dr. Marko Grozdanovic, Senior Vice President BASF Personal Care Europe.

“The EcoSun Pass is a valuable tool for our customers, enabling them to create eco-friendlier sunscreen products that meet the expectations of eco-conscious consumers. We are proud that it has been recognized by the Pierre Potier Award, one of the most significant prizes in the French chemical industry,” added Marine Belthé, Country Marketing Manager Personal Care.



EcoSun Pass: eco-friendly sun protection

To assess the environmental impact of UV filters used in sunscreen formulations, BASF has developed EcoSun Pass. This methodology supports the transparent, holistic assessment of UV filters based on internationally recognized criteria and provides a comprehensive environmental evaluation of the entire filter system within a sunscreen product. It is the first scientifically sound and transparent system of its kind. The EcoSun Pass value is based on eight different parameters, i.e. acute and chronic aquatic toxicity, bioaccumulation and biodegradation. The EcoSun Pass has been integrated into the Sunscreen Simulator, BASF’s virtual laboratory for digitally defining the UV protection of a sun protection product. This enables customers to evaluate their sunscreens based on all the relevant environmental factors in addition to UV performance, and allows the most eco-friendly consumer product to be brought onto the market.

Katharina Kagerbauer
Birgit Hellmann
Global Sustainability Communications
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