2 август 2022 г.

First power generated by Hollandse Kust Zuid offshore wind farm

August 2, 2022

The Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farm, which is currently under construction, has successfully generated its first electricity. While still in their testing phase, the first operating turbines are already producing electricity, which is transferred to shore via an offshore transformation station and fed into the Dutch grid.


The wind farm is located in the North Sea about 18-35 kilometers off the coast between The Hague and Zandvoort and is owned by BASF, Vattenfall and Allianz.

So far, 36 turbines have been installed. When fully operational in 2023, Hollandse Kust Zuid will be the largest subsidy-free offshore wind farm in the world with 140 turbines and an installed capacity of 1.5 GW.

Philipp Roßkopf
Corporate Communications - Multimedia
Ulla Spengler
Global Sustainability Communications
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