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United States
Dispersions, Resins and Additives

RHEOVIS® rheology modifiers

RHEOVIS additives encompass a broad portfolio of synthetic rheology modifiers designed for aqueous systems, including non-ionic associative (HEUR / HMPE), anionic associative (HASE) and non-associative anionic (ASE) technologies. Each product class has its own properties and applications to enable formulators to achieve their desired rheology profile with all types of resins. RHEOVIS PU and PE series of associative thickeners stand out as a class of groundbreaking additives based primarily on hydrophobically modified polyether and polyurethane derivatives. RHEOVIS HS and ASE are pH activated polyacrylate technology for ease of handling and in-can stability.

Key features & benefits

  • Broad range of rheology profiles
  • Highly efficient across many resin types
  • Improved wash and scrub resistance
  • Excellent leveling
  • Reduced spattering
  • Not susceptible to microbial attack