Cellasto® for Packaging

Cellasto® as ejection material increases the service life of punching dies. Plus, the extremely high resilience at minimal setting behavior renders ejectors suitable even for high-speed punching machines.  


Key Properties of Cellasto® for Packaging

  • Very high resilience
  • Minimal setting behavior
  • Lowest dynamic load-related creep of all elastomers
  • Low increase in deformation

Designed for the Job on the Die Cutter

When packaging material has been punched out of cardboard it needs to be pushed out of the die cutting tool. Cellasto® shows the lowest dynamic load-related creep of all elastomers. The low increase in deformation means that Cellasto® parts return to their original position as soon as the compression phase is terminated. And this for over a million cycles without any loss of performance.

Applications with Cellasto® in Other Industries

The applications are as manifold as its product properties: Explore the various application possibilities of Cellasto®!