BASF Agricultural solutions' cereal farmers training in Olchoro- Narok

The BASF agriculture solutions team organized and facilitated a training for cereal farmers in Olchoro -Narok targeting wheat and barley farmers. The Agricultural Solutions team took the cereals farmers through educative and interactive sessions aimed at creating awareness on how BASF products help improve crop quality and yield. The farmers were sensitized on the benefits of spraying a range of maize herbicides including Basta® 200 SL, & Stomp® 455 CS in managing various weeds. They were also educated on the benefits of spraying Abacus® Advance 125 SE, Ceriax® 149.8 EC & Rex Duo® 497 SC   to control wheat fungal diseases and to improve wheat yield and quality.

Practical sessions were held where the farmers were educated on the calibration of application equipment. This entailed the identification of the correct nozzles and checking their flow rates. A practical demonstration on the correct products and application method was conducted.  

The importance of wearing protective clothing during chemical application and the use of a whole-some cereals spray programs was highlighted. After the discussions and intensive engagements, the farmers participated in a Q&A session with our experts. All the farmers who attended the training were given the BASF personal protective equipment kit.