Priaxor® 225 EC Coffee Fungicide Launch In Kenya

Coffee is the second most popular beverage in the world after water with 20 billion pounds of coffee being produced annually. Coffee is native to Ethiopia and is grown in countries around the coffee bean belt which is located between the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer. Coffee is a major cash crop in Kenya and is the fourth highest foreign exchange earner for the country. It is a key segment for BASF, and we support this with products such as Cabrio® and Delan®.  

To further strengthen the coffee portfolio, BASF Kenya launched a new coffee fungicide, Priaxor® 225 EC. The event was attended by senior managers of the key coffee cooperative societies as well as representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and the main media houses. The event was streamed live for access to a wider audience. The launch received good coverage on TV and radio – proof of the importance of coffee to the economy and the role BASF plays in this sector.

The superior formulation in Priaxor® 225 EC controls Coffee Berry Disease and improves crop quality and yield. The audience had a chance to listen to a farmer testimonial as evidence.