Dagonis® 125 Sc Ornamentals Fungicide Launch in Kenya

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A group photo of the customers and BASF staff at the launch of Dagonis® in Naivasha

Cut flowers and plants represent 10.4% of the country’s exports making it the second most exported product from Kenya. Of these flowers, roses are the highest contributors with over 50%. It is no wonder - given their beauty and emotional significance, from symbols of love to sympathy to grace. Ornamentals is a key segment for BASF, and we support this segment with products such as Orvego®, Collis® & Bellis®

To further strengthen the ornamentals portfolio, BASF Kenya launched a new fungicide, Dagonis® 125 SC on 20th & 22nd September in Nanyuki and Naivasha – the key ornamental growing regions. The event was attended by senior managers of the key flower farms as well as the CEO of the Kenya Flower Council, the CEO of Agricultural Association on Kenya, and members of the press. The launch received coverage on TV, radio and print which signifies the importance of this sector to the economy and the role BASF plays. The superior formulation in Dagonis® 125 EC controls powdery mildew in roses and maximizes yield quality and profitability thanks to the superior efficacy and innovative features. The audience had a chance to listen to a farmer testimonial as evidence. 


The official unveiling of Dagonis® 125 Sc 

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The BASF team posing for a photo the CEO of Kenya Flower Council, Clement Tulezi