BASF Ethiopa facilitates a customer supply chain training session.

BASF Ethiopia held a half-day customer’s training aimed at creating awareness for Djibouti FTZE. The training was provided to participants drawn from various customers representing our business divisions.

Gift Mbaya, the Business Lead and General Manager, gave an overview of the Djibouti project, the role of BASF Ethiopia and BASF Djibouti in ensuring an efficient supply chain process. Grace Kariri, Djibouti project lead shared a detailed presentation on the supply chain process and its procedures.

An interactive QA session was held with the participants giving them an even better understanding of the project. The session ended with feedback from the customers who appreciated the initiative by BASF to live up to our promise to provide efficient customer service. At the end of the training, it was agreed that the customers would utilize the project to eliminate logistics and supply chain challenges.