Dr. Mattress Visits our innovation center in Turkey


Mr. Merdin Adnan and Mr. Yasin Cenk with the team in our innovation center in Turkey.

The senior management team of Dr. Mattress got the opportunity to see how we create chemistry for a sustainable future by visiting our innovation center in Istanbul, Turkey. The team comprising of Mr. Merdin Adnan, the managing director of the company and Mr. Yasin Cenk, the executive director, were exposed to the new performance materials products which they utilize in their manufacturing processes in Kenya.

The customers were given a tour of our application labs and were exposed to the possibilities that exist with our innovative solutions and technologies. The most interesting aspect of their visit, according to them, was our ability to create a variety of high-performance materials and assist our customers in taking their products to the next level.

Mr. Cenk acknowledged the impact of using our solutions to their business as it made their company the pioneers of the flexible foam technology in the Kenyan market and in the long run helping the company achieve its goals and strategies. He was also interested in taking more of their staff to the innovation center to broaden their skills and meet international needs and standards